Craft Professional Training

The Training for ExcellenceProgram provides credentialed training for the development of our growing craft professional workforce. The craft training program provides a standardized process and is industry recognized. Helpers and skilled professionals (journey-level) receive industry recognized credentials that verify knowledge and performance. Robins & Morton is an Accredited Assessment Center and Training Sponsor for National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), national craft assessments and US Department of Labor Standards of Apprenticeship training.

The Training consists of classes for all employees and the initiative is to develop craft helpers. This element of the training program consists of four levels of progression that include NCCER craft related modules. Each module covers a specific topic and module completion requires successful completion of both a written and performance test. This training is competency-based and prepares trainees for advancement.

Another aspect of the program ensures that journey-level employees have the specialized knowledge and skills required of workers in the industry. This tool identifies workforce knowledge and skills, offers prescribed training, and assessments for NCCER written certification status followed by performance verification. The NCCER performance verification measures the mastery of hands-on skill while the written assessment measures knowledge. Additionally, these employees gain training that introduces computer concepts and basic leadership skills.

Achieving a high level of leadership ability starts with identifying talent and providing effective supervisory training. The Robins & Morton supervisory training is designed to ensure there are qualified leaders supervising the craft workers and managing projects. Craft supervisors and members of project management develop essential skills for improving their performance as leaders through in-depth exercises and the following courses; cost, scheduling, crew planning, safety, quality, and labor law.


  • People First Culture
  • Nationally Recognized
  • Facilitated by Certified Instructors
  • Employee Recognition
  • National Credentials
  • Professional Growth