Carol Copeland

Director of Information Technology

Corporate Office
Birmingham, Alabama
Years in the Industry: 23

Carol Copeland, IT Director, calls herself a tomboy and says her appreciation for construction actually started in childhood.  “Raised on a farm and the youngest of three daughters, my dad was always building something, and I was right in the middle of whatever it was.” Even though Carol admits she never set out to pursue a career in construction and technology the two have been a perfect fit. “Technology fascinates me and I was comfortable in the construction environment because I love how things fit together to make a finished product.”

Carol admits that the technology we know today was unheard of when she began her career in the 1970’s. “I had no idea I’d end up in IT,  it didn’t even exist in my world back then.” With an accounting degree, she actually started with the company as a staff accountant, but given her interest and propensity with technology Robins & Morton provided her with the opportunity to pursue a career in IT.

Today, Carol is the Director of the IT Department at Robins & Morton. “We manage anything technology related, from the network to the infrastructure, applications, security, copiers and everything in between for all offices and jobsite locations.”

Carol describes the opportunities for women in construction this way: “It’s very rewarding and fulfilling work. Construction provides a great opportunity for women today.”

The mother of one son says, “I don’t currently have a granddaughter, but if I did, I would encourage her to consider going into the construction industry. It can be very gratifying.”