Robins & Morton Tied for #1 on Conceive Magazine’s Annual List

 Robins & Morton Tied for #1 on Conceive magazine’s Annual List of 50 Best Companies for Fertility and Adoption Benefits

Robins & Morton topped Conceive magazine’s annual “50 Best Companies” list, a showcase of employers who are leading the way in corporate America with their generous family-building benefits, despite the challenging economy.  

Released in the Summer 2010 issue of Conceive, and available on, the list highlights U.S. companies offering their employees the best benefits for starting or adding to their families.  The rankings are based on the company’s fertility and adoption coverage, including benefits for assisted reproductive technology (ART) and in vitro fertilization (IVF), infertility prescription drugs, paid parental leave, and cash reimbursement towards adoption expenses.

“We’re family-oriented with a company culture centered around supporting our people,” says Bill Morton, CEO of Robins & Morton.  “It just makes sense to provide the very best benefits that we can for our employees and their families.”

“Companies like Robins & Morton are raising the bar on the fertility and adoption coverage being offered by U.S. employers,” said Beth Weinhouse, editorial director of Conceive.  “We salute their commitment to their employees, and their employees’ families.”

While Robins & Morton offers many family-friendly benefits like 100% coverage of fertility treatments, an adoption policy that covers all legal, medical and other relevant costs up to $10,000, and maternity and paternity leave for parents following the birth and adoption of a child, most employers still have a long way to go.  According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the percentage of companies that include IVF coverage has dropped from 28 percent in 2006 to 23 percent in 2009; and the percentage that offer adoption assistance has dropped from 22 percent in 2006 to only 10 percent in 2009.