Earth Day Challange

Congratulations to Robins & Morton’s Earth Day winner, John Galassini! John is now the owner of The Energy Detective, otherwise known as “TED.”

TED is an electricity monitor that provides real-time feedback on your energy usage. By installing and monitoring TED, John will successfully lower utility bills, reduce electric waste, and save the environment!!!  For more information about TED, and how it can help you save money at home, please visit: The Energy Detective.


Day One- Calculating Your Ecological Footprint: R&M employees that responded use between 3.2 & 8.9 planets. The most common response for minimizing our footprints was to eat more local foods. To locate markets with local food in your area, visit Local Harvest or Eat Well Guide.

Day Two- The 21-Day Follow-up: Responses showed that R&M employees successfully changed their habits to be more sustainable, thanks to last year’s challenge. Majority of the respondents now minimize their waste and energy usage!

Day Three- Let’s Talk Trash: Respondents became familiar with our Waste Policy detailed their recycling success, and provided contact information for multiple recycling and waste management facilities. Thanks to our respondents, we now have a contact list that will soon be available on HUB to assist with successful waste diversion on future projects in those areas!

Day Four- Incredible Hulk: Way to go Adam Scott, Alison Radcliffe, Bobby Gunter, Brandon Griffith, Jackie Mustakas, Joel Snead, John Galassini, Lesa Baldridge, Lisa Rota, Meredith Daniel, Nick Dill, and Rodney Holland! Due to your sustainable influence, you all were nominated as R&M’s Green Superheroes!!

Day Five- R&M Sustainability: Many respondents provided great ideas to assist the Sustainability Council. The council will be reviewing all suggestions for research and future implementation. Our employees’ Earth Day activities included preserving water, using recycled products, planting flowers, donating clothing, and minimizing waste by recycling and donating to Habitat Restore!

The council would like to thank all of our employees that provided feedback! We hope you continue to think and act sustainably, not just on Earth Day, but year-round!