Farrah Mote

Marketing Manager

Birmingham Corporate Office
Birmingham, Alabama
Years in the Industry: 10

Farrah Mote is a Marketing Manager who had no prior experience working in construction before joining Robins & Morton ten years ago. After working for several years in non-profit, the Auburn graduate began looking for new opportunities and was intrigued by the construction industry.

“Construction has always interested me. I am fascinated when I see our construction sites at the beginning of a project and how the materials are used to create hospitals, hotels or a university building. The aspect of what we do at Robins & Morton affects everybody with the facilities we build.”

Her primary responsibility is to support the sales teams by developing proposal responses, presentations and other marketing initiatives to help secure new business opportunities for the company. “Although I’m only a little tiny piece of the puzzle in helping our sales team pursue a job, it’s exciting and rewarding to be a part of when it’s awarded to us and eventually completed. I’m proud to be a part of a team of dedicated construction professionals.”

Farrah is encouraged by all the various job opportunities for women in the business. “It’s great to see all the women in the trades in the field and the unlimited opportunity they have to grow. I think it’s inspiring for new women entering the construction industry to see that.”

Farrah says it’s important that she communicates this to the public. “It’s my job to tell Robins & Morton’s story. I’m proud to be a part of such a reputable, successful company. I’ve never worked in the field, but I love to go on the jobsite and see what they’re doing in various phases. It really brings the story home.”

She says Robins & Morton is a great example of a company that provides both men and women with career opportunities and the resources to succeed. “Our company promotes, expands and encourages the role of women in the construction industry. They want to see every Robins & Morton employee advance as they want it for themselves. I don’t think there’s a company that supports women better in the industry.”