Green Savings at Robins & Morton Corporate Office

In 2009, the Robins & Morton corporate office renovation resulted in the first LEED Commercial Interiors GOLD Certification in the state of Alabama. Even after this major milestone, we continue to maximize the efficiency of our operations. Recent analysis of our energy and water consumption has confirmed the resulting environmental benefits from our building improvements and our employees’ continuous efforts. Compared to our pre-renovation baseline, our 2012 achievements are as follows:

  • Energy: In 2012, we eliminated 1,123 Tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere. This was achieved by eliminating the usage of 470 kWh each day from our baseline study. That is a savings of more than 17%!
  • Water: In 2012, we saved 293 Gallons of water EVERY DAY! That is almost 107,000 Gallons for the year!

But our efforts will not stop here; we will continue to reinforce and expand our environmental commitments. We will continue to maximize the efficiency of our resource use, continue to improve the performance of our offices, continue to motivate and encourage our employees to work and live sustainably, and continue to track and educate about our achievements. We commit this to our employees, families, associates, clients, communities, and to future generations.