Heroes in Hard Hats

Each year, veterans leave their military careers with a variety of skills and search for civilian opportunities. Coincidentally, careers in construction often turn out to be a perfect fit for many of our service men and women. In honor of Veterans Day and all that served our country so bravely, we spent some time chatting with a few of our in-house veterans about their experience in the military and how the skills learned during their enlistment translated to a successful career in construction.

  • Meet Project Engineer, Hans Beutel - As the son, grandson and nephew of veterans, Hans Beutel knew from a young age that a military career was his destiny. With both grandfathers serving in World War II, and his father and uncle serving in Vietnam, he grew … Continue reading
  • Meet Lonnie Phillips, Carpenter - With dreams of becoming a collegiate baseball player, Phillips had a quick change of plans when he did not receive a scholarship. Feeling that he needed the structure he once had in playing organized sports, Phillips enlisted in the in … Continue reading
  • Meet Assistant Superintendent, James Ayers. - Ayers’ arrival to boot camp was somewhat typical as he originally enlisted in the Army to serve and to further his education, but the way his experience shaped his passion, drive, and grit was anything but conventional. His time in … Continue reading
  • Meet Low Voltage Resource Manager, Steve Culler. - Culler grew up in a small town, and found the Navy’s promise of adventure to be too tempting to pass up. With an interest in the electrical side of Naval service, Culler enlisted in the Nuclear Power Program where he … Continue reading
  • Meet Senior Scheduler, Daniel Fahmi. - For a young Daniel Fahmi, his enlistment in the Army was originally a way to straighten his path. Between hanging out with questionable friends and indifference toward his academic performance, he looked to the military to provide much needed structure. … Continue reading