Waste Policy

In 2007, the EPA estimated that more than 160 million tons of debris is generated annually by building-related Construction & Demolition (C&D). This indicates that nearly 26% of the non-industrial waste stream is a direct result of construction and demolition activities. Considering that the construction industry accounts for only 8% of the GDP, the amount of waste the industry generates is far from proportional. These statistics confirm the urgent need for modification of the techniques currently used in the C&D industry.

In an effort to reduce this detrimental statistic, Robins & Morton has implemented a waste policy that will significantly reduce waste coming from our jobsites. Our company has redirected our approach to renovation and demolition techniques and has developed an essential system for effective waste management. In addition to addressing a very specific industry problem, the waste policy has provided many opportunities for our people to educate and raise awareness among our clients and industry partners.