NCCER Grants Candidate Status To Robins & Morton

The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) has granted candidate status to Robins & Morton effective September 14, 2011. Robins & Morton is now an NCCER training and national craft assessment candidate. Robins & Morton can now train, administer assessments and performance verifications, and submit records to the National Registry.  This moves Robins & Morton’s already robust training program for its employees to allow the company to provide similarly credentialed training for the development of its growing Craft Professional workforce.  NCCER is recognized as the construction industry’s leading provider of certified training curriculum and provides a standardized training process in partnership with the construction and maintenance industries.  NCCER nationally recognized training programs include construction and maintenance, safety, management education, pipeline, energy, and sustainability/green construction. This training is portable.  The knowledge and skills learned by craft professionals are taken from project to project and company to company.