Building Together: Women in Construction

In conjunction with Women in Construction Week (March 5-11) sponsored by National Association of Women in Construction NAWIC) and National Women’s History Month, Robins & Morton is recognizing women whose contributions and commitment positively affect the company and the construction industry as a whole. Every individual has a story to tell and we are spotlighting their story below.

  • Mindy Lovell - Workers’ Compensation Claims Administrator Years in the Industry: 20 Mindy Lovell never planned to join the ranks of the construction industry. Now 20 years later, she can’t imagine being anywhere else. It all started with applying for an operations assistant … Continue reading
  • Pecola Sims-Barthell - Skilled Laborer Years in the Industry: 6 Pecola never imagined she’d one day work in construction. “Growing up, I wanted to be a P.E. teacher,” she said. “And I’ve had a lot of different jobs. I worked for the post … Continue reading
  • Janelle Carriere - Assistant Superintendent Years in the Industry: 5 Although Janelle is a recent addition to the Robins & Morton team, she has been studying construction and working in the field for some time. She graduated from the University of Florida with … Continue reading
  • Raven Phillips - Preconstruction Assistant Nashville office Years in the Industry: 6 Raven Phillips currently supports five senior-level estimators by setting up projects, managing project schedules, pre-qualification, and all things bidding. And those are just a few of her daily responsibilities. She earned a … Continue reading
  • Jennifer Lacy - Division Marketing Director Dallas office Years in the Industry: 15 They say the third time’s the charm, which Jennifer Lacy might agree with in terms of how she found her ultimate career path. Jen graduated from East Texas State University … Continue reading
  • Liz Swack - Talent Acquisition Specialist Birmingham office Years in the Industry: 3 When Liz Swack was working on her bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Alabama, she didn’t know that she’d end up entering the construction industry. “A friend told … Continue reading
  • Anais Escalona - Title: Field Office Assistant Years in the Industry: 6 years Six years ago, Anais was working as an importer and exporter of heavy machinery when she saw that Robins & Morton was looking for an administrative assistant. She decided to … Continue reading
  • Alex Romigh - Alex Romigh Field Engineer Time in the industry: 2 years When she first entered college, Alex Romigh had her sights set on an industrial design degree. Although, she did indeed earn that degree from Auburn University, the thought of spending … Continue reading
  • Julya Welch - Project Engineer Years in the industry: 2 Julya Welch started off as an engineering major at Auburn University, but she soon realized that wasn’t the career path she was meant to take. “I found my way to environmental design,” she … Continue reading
  • Cristen Ferguson - Cristen Ferguson Senior Estimator Years in the industry: 23 Growing up, Cristen Ferguson was always encouraged by her family to pursue a career in whatever interested her most. It didn’t take her long to figure out that was construction. “I … Continue reading
  • Christena Holcombe - Christena Holcombe Project Engineer Years in the industry: 5 Christena Holcombe has only been in the industry for about five years, but construction has always been in her blood. “My family had a hardware company when I was growing up, and … Continue reading
  • Gloria Cook - Prequalification and Insurance Specialist Birmingham Corporate Office Birmingham, Alabama Years in the Industry: 17 Gloria Cook has never shied away from a challenge. In fact, she embraces them. That’s what led to her joining the ranks of the construction industry … Continue reading
  • Rallisa Jones - Senior Project Manager Years in the Industry: 24 For some, the dream of a particular career starts with a childhood interest. For Rallisa Jones, it all started with a building. In high school, Rallisa rode past a construction project in … Continue reading
  • Leigh Misso - Project Manager Government Services Division Birmingham, Alabama Years in the Industry: 8 As a Project Manager, Leigh Misso is among a growing group of women in the profession who have chosen a career in construction. While studying at Auburn University, Leigh returned to … Continue reading
  • Melissa Owens - Field Office Assistant Years in the Industry: 14 When she graduated from Doherty Memorial High School in Worcester, Massachusetts, Melissa Owens never imagined she’d find a career in construction. In fact, she had dreams of eventually becoming an elementary school … Continue reading
  • Jackie Mustakas - Sustainability Manager Orlando, Florida office Years in the Industry: 11 As the daughter of a custom home builder, Jackie often accompanied her father to his projects. Observing her dad’s ability to craft intricate homes that positively impacted so many people, … Continue reading