Building Together: Women in Construction

In conjunction with Women in Construction Week (March 1-7 sponsored by National Association of Women in Construction NAWIC) and National Women’s History Month, Robins & Morton is recognizing women whose contributions and commitment positively affect the company and the construction industry as a whole. Every individual has a story to tell and we are spotlighting their story below.

  • Cristen Ferguson - Cristen Ferguson Senior Estimator Years in the industry: 21 Growing up, Cristen Ferguson was always encouraged by her family to pursue a career in whatever interested her most. It didn’t take her long to figure out that was construction. “I … Continue reading
  • Christena Holcombe - Christena Holcombe Civil Field Engineer Years in the industry: 3 Christena Holcombe has only been in the industry for about three years, but construction has always been in her blood. “My family had a hardware company when I was growing … Continue reading
  • Gloria Cook - Prequalification and Insurance Specialist Birmingham Corporate Office Birmingham, Alabama Years in the Industry: 15 Gloria Cook has never shied away from a challenge. In fact, she embraces them. That’s what led to her joining the ranks of the construction industry … Continue reading
  • Rallisa Jones - Project Manager Years in the Industry: 22 For some, the dream of a particular career starts with a childhood interest. For Rallisa Jones, it all started with a building. In high school, Rallisa rode past a construction project in downtown … Continue reading
  • Dr. Fran Carter – Rosie the Riveter - The American Rosie the Riveter Association was the brain child of Dr. Frances Carter (who served as a riveter on B-29 airplanes during the war) of Birmingham, Alabama. She and her husband, Dr. John Carter (a former Army paratrooper), present … Continue reading
  • Carol Copeland - Director of Information Technology Corporate Office Birmingham, Alabama Years in the Industry: 22 Carol Copeland, IT Director, calls herself a tomboy and says her appreciation for construction actually started in childhood.  “Raised on a farm and the youngest of three … Continue reading
  • Leigh Holliman - Assistant Project Manager Government Services Division Birmingham, Alabama Years in the Industry: 6 As an Assistant Project Manager, Leigh Holliman is among a growing group of women in the profession who have chosen a career in construction. While studying at Auburn University, … Continue reading
  • Joyce Whitley - Administrative Assistant Power & Industrial Division Birmingham, Alabama Years in the Industry: 23 Joyce Whitley, an Administrative Assistant in the Power & Industrial Division, has worked off and on in construction since completing high school more than 20 years ago, … Continue reading
  • Farrah Mote - Marketing Manager Birmingham Corporate Office Birmingham, Alabama Years in the Industry: 10 Farrah Mote is a Marketing Manager who had no prior experience working in construction before joining Robins & Morton ten years ago. After working for several years in non-profit, … Continue reading
  • Melissa Owens - Field Office Assistant Years in the Industry: 11 Melissa Owens is a Field Office Assistant with Robins & Morton’s Healthcare Division. Melissa wanted to go to college to become an elementary school teacher. But the summer after graduation her boss at a … Continue reading
  • Jackie Mustakas - Sustainability Manager Orlando, Florida office Years in the Industry: 8 As the daughter of a custom home builder, Jackie often accompanied her father to his projects. Observing her dad’s ability to craft intricate homes that positively impacted so many people, … Continue reading