DW McMillan Memorial Hospital

Owner: DW McMillan Memorial Hospital

Location: Brewton, Alabama

Size: 23,645 sq ft

Architect: Sherlock, Smith & Adams

Description: The DW McMillan Hospital project is a multi-phased construction project consisting of both ED and OR additions with renovations. Phase one will comprise of three main operations that include a new ED addition, a new OR addition and a new 107 space parking lot. These additions will be followed by phase 2: a phased out renovation for both the ED and the OR. The ED addition will consist of five new ER exam rooms with a new decontamination room and a state-of-the-art ER trauma room. The remaining space will be for new administration offices. The renovated area will include a new morgue and an upgrade to the interior finishes of the emergency department. The OR addition is a dual-suite operating room. The renovation is a phased-out upgrade of the entire operating room department including a recovery room and two existing surgical rooms. Under the ownership of DW McMillan Hospital, this project is being designed by Sherlock, Smith & Adams and constructed by Robins & Morton.