Steam Turbine Generator Construction

Location: Kemper County, Mississippi

Scope: Construction - Direct Hire

Contract: Lump Sum

Start Date: January 2012

Completion Date: October 2012

Description: Our scope at the Kemper County IGCC Project consists of the installation of a Toshiba 360 MW Steam Turbine and Generator and a TEI supplied, water cooled Surface Condenser. The Steam Turbine consists of a High Pressure / Intermediate Pressure (HP / IP) Turbine, a Low Pressure (LP) Turbine, Generator, and all auxiliary systems and equipment supplied by Toshiba. These systems include approximately 5000 LF of pipe, 50 instruments, and 20,000 LF of cable. The TEI Surface Condenser will include approximately 800 LF of plate weld, along with the installation of various support systems.

The scope will go from the initial setting of equipment through turnover to the Client for Start-up activities.