Ready to Play Ball! Regions Field Opens

On April 10th, as a sold out crowd of 8,500 Birmingham Barons fans looked out onto to a brand new state-of-the-art baseball stadium, few people realize what goes into building one. It was a monumental effort accomplished through the commitment and determination of the joint venture team of Robins & Morton and A.G. Gaston. The Barons were able to win their home game opener, but the real success was the work that went into building this stadium. The team overcame many challenges, meet an aggressive schedule and produced a true treasure for all of Birmingham to enjoy. Thank you again and congratulations on a job well done!

Construction Quick Facts:

  • Over 51 subcontractors were employed during the construction of the ballpark, which was also the number of RBI’s hit by former Baron Michael Jordan. Approximately 85% of the subcontractors/vendors were from Birmingham metro area which amounted to roughly $41.4 Million spent with local business.
  • There were approximately 145,000 Cubic Yards of earth and rock removed from the site which is enough to fill over 3.7 billion boxes of Cracker Jacks or over 4.6 million bags of peanuts.
  • 50,000 feet of cabling were installed with the public address system which is enough cabling to stretch from homeplate to the centerfield wall approximately 125 times.
  • About 13,000 Cubic Yards of concrete were poured at the ballpark, which weigh the same as 375.5 Vulcan statues.
  • There were approximately 49,000 square feet of metal panels installed at the park, which is enough to cover the Green Monster at Fenway Park 5.5 times!
  • Over 700,000 feet of wiring conductors were installed at the park which is equivalent to 1,944 homerun trots (slow run of a runner around the bases after they have hit a home run).
  • There are over 1,400 switches and receptacles throughout the stadium which is about 100 less than the total Major League runs scored by former Baron Frank Thomas (1,494).