Robins & Morton Sustainability Challenge Increases Awareness and Encourages “Green” Habits

Birmingham contractor Robins & Morton recently held an internal competition intended to raise awareness and encourage the firm’s 850+ employees to identify and adopt sustainable practices at work and home. A panel of outside judges determined winners in the following categories: most practical, biggest environmental impact, most creative and biggest community impact. Some notable “habits” that came from Robins & Morton jobsites and offices throughout the country included:

  • Team “Miami Verde” made the biggest environmental impact by carpooling and reducing their combined mileage over the 21 days by 248 miles. They also removed all non-recyclable items from the kitchen and brought substitute items from home for repeat use.
  • Most Creative category winner, Team “No Pressure” in Auburn, Alabama determined that improper tire pressure was potentially resulting in a collective loss of 150 miles per year. In addition to improving fuel economy, correct tire pressure lengthens the life of the tires.
  • “Team Green” out of the Nashville division office focused on six practices to increase sustainability at home and made a specific effort to reduce “phantom” power consumption of appliances when not in use
  • Team “Gang Green” walked away with the award for the most practical applications and impressed judges by engaging participation from their other 300+ building occupants by creating a battery drop-off for all tenants and recycling all collections.

The challenge, coined “21Days to Green”, because of scientific research that suggests it takes 21 days to build a habit, required teams to identify sustainable practices and track all team members adherence.