Robins & Morton Volunteers Complete New Nursery for Adullam House

September 4, 2012 – The Adullam House celebrates completion this week of a new infant and toddler dorm thanks in large part to a construction blitz by dozens of Robins & Morton employees, their families and other local volunteers.  The new “nursery” facility extends the organization’s mission of providing a safe haven for the children of parents incarcerated in Alabama and surrounding states.

Robins & Morton has managed numerous construction projects on the Auburn University campus and learned of the Adullam House through Jonna Chizik, wife of Auburn University football coach Gene Chizik. The company initially donated time, materials and a core personnel team to help complete the project that had been delayed for several years due to funding. Robins & Morton family members and employees from other offices also pitched in on weekends throughout August to ensure the tiny tenants could move in as soon as possible.

“Over a period of four weeks, I witnessed the leadership of Robins & Morton selflessly reach out, with every available resource, and make a profound generational difference in the lives of countless youth whose mothers are unfortunately navigating our prison system.  Instead of simply writing a check, Robins & Morton made a conscious decision to “get their hands dirty” and make this project personal by volunteering their time, energies, and professional resources to Adullam House” said Jonna Chizik, wife of Auburn University football coach Gene Chizik and supporter of Adullam House.  “The Robins & Morton volunteers were able to complete this project in a quick and professional manner while actively displaying what it means to be “the hands and feet of Christ”.  It has been an honor to be associated with such an ardent display of character and integrity and a strong personal reminder that “Everything we’ve done (in this life) is absolutely empty if it doesn’t capture your soul and change your life.”- Eric Ludy

About Adullam House

Adullam House is a safe haven for the children of incarcerated parents located on 18 acres outside of Wetumpka, Alabama. Operating with no government funding, the Adullam House runs solely through generous donations of time, money, land and volunteer work, providing a place for children of all ages to live, learn and grow. For more information and to support the Adullam House, visit