Seven thoughts with Robins & Morton COO Robin Savage

By BRYAN DAVIS, Birmingham Business Journal

The Alabama chapter of the Associated Builders & Contractors of America has been a strong voice for contractors in the state for years.

RSavage_ABC2015The organization is looking at 2015 as another pivotal year in the growth of Alabama’s construction sector, as industry leaders face new challenges in the post-recession world.

Federal legislation like the Affordable Healthcare Act, as well as state laws, have affected construction in Alabama, as companies face labor shortages throughout the nation.

ABC, which as 600 members statewide, elected Robin Savage, COO of Birmingham-based Robins & Morton, to chair the chapter’s board of directors in 2015.

We caught up with Savage recently to talk about the issues ABC will be facing head on over the next 12 months.

On legislation calling for alternative delivery methods in construction

One thing we’re looking at in particular is alternative delivery methods for construction and design on public works projects. This is a bill we’ve worked on in year’s past. Kind of the bottom line of it is it’s construction management and design build type approach where the public owner is able to put together a collaborative team at the beginning of a project. Those teams would consist of the client, the owner, the design group, the contractor, or construction manager and even some of the key subcontractors, so that you have all of the players at the table, working through a project from the time you draw the first line on the page. You’ve got everybody working toward the most efficient way to deliver that project. Right now the only methodology in public works in Alabama is just a straight design, bid, build method…You don’t get the advantages of having a team put together that works together on a project all the way through it.

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