University Medical Center “fun facts”

  1. The 405,000 square feet of flooring included in the Women’s and Children’s Hospitals could cover the Sun Bowl playing surface 7 times.
  2. The length of electrical wiring utilized in this project is equivalent to 2,640,000 baby bottles which, laid end-to-end, would stretch from here to San Antonio.
  3. The four 1400 ton chillers included in this project provide cold water for air conditioning.  These chillers would be able to maintain 2,200 El Paso homes comfortably during the hottest summer days.  There is enough water circulating through the cooling system to provide 18,000 people with a cool glass of water.
  4. The total air flow through the East Tower every minute is equivalent to 20 million expectant fathers exhaling at the birth of their child.
  5. There is enough copper tubing included to make 6 round trips from the bottom to the top of Mount Cristo Rey.
  6. The two new generators are capable of providing enough power to light 53,000 60watt light bulbs.
  7. To date over 2,000,000 man hours have been logged during the construction project.  This would equate to ten men working eight hours every day of their lives for 70 years.
  8. The amount of concrete used to date in this construction project is equivalent to the weight of 2,650 El Paso city buses.

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