Robins & Morton was founded in 1946. And it’s no coincidence that “It’s a Wonderful Life” premiered the same year. You could say our love for Christmas festivities runs as far back as our inception. We have never lost sight of the deep, meaningful joy that we share at the close of each year by setting aside time to laugh, reminisce, and celebrate as the Robins & Morton family.

At Robins & Morton, a job short of well done, isn’t done. This philosophy permeates every aspect of our culture including our most cherished holiday traditions. Our experienced team members are not only trained to assist clients in achieving their goals, they’re particularly skilled in carrying out the best-organized, safely-executed, and detailed-oriented Christmas prep outside of Santa’s workshop.

We Believe...


You will never catch us sneaking a peek at the stockings or gifts under the tree before the morning of Christmas Day.


Every branch tinseled, every stocking hung with care, every rooftop reindeer reinforced, and every cookie baked to perfection.


We should always pause to give thanks to the people we serve and communities in which we work. Serving as a community partner is our joy and purpose.


We will never connect more than two strands of lights on a single outlet.

family holding gifts

To be the jolliest construction services provider south of the North Pole, whose people carry the holiday spirit in their hearts year-round.

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To give unceasingly. To celebrate joyfully. To close the year in gratitude, looking forward to a new season and new blessings.

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We believe our Christmas responsibilities should be extended to those who see and are touched by our passion for merry-making.

To our clients: May our projects, like Santa’s Christmas Eve schedule, always run on time and on budget with a twinkle in our eyes.

To our people: We aim to bring your visions of sugar plums to life. May your cocoa always be just the right temperature and may you always find the Robins & Morton family an extension of your own.

To our industry partners: We go together like milk and cookies. May our projects always be sweet and fulfilling.

To our stockholders: May your stockings be filled with care and joy.

To the public: May we always be the good neighbors and share our good tidings with those in our communities.

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Our purpose is to provide a reference for the best practices around holiday preparation and execution, which have been established as a right and proper management guide. As with all of our policies and procedures, we have integrated forward-thinking and sustainable practices into each of our Christmas policies and procedures.

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