In mid-2020, construction firms Robins & Morton and Branch Builds partnered to break ground on a new, $300 million expansion to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital in Roanoke, Virginia. The expansion includes a cardiac patient tower — the Crystal Spring Tower —  and emergency department renovation. Nashville-based ESa is serving as the architect. The project is slated for completion in 2025.

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Robins & Morton believes that a safe workplace is key to operational excellence. Our guiding principle is that safety must be the responsibility of everyone onsite. Therefore, there must be an established environment of care and concern. That care and concern starts with the managers’ continued focus on fostering an environment where all employees are guided by sound safety leadership, have access to appropriate training, are encouraged daily to work safe, held accountable for safe work and treated with respect. The expectation is ZERO INCIDENTS. To achieve zero incidents, we use a human performance philosophy. This approach incorporates an understanding of human and organizational performance, including human error with an emphasis on expected behaviors and consequence control methodologies to ensure risk minimization and elimination.

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Project Team

Robins & Morton

Robins & Morton is a privately-held construction firm based in Birmingham, Alabama, with offices in Charlotte, Dallas, Huntsville, Miami, Nashville, Orlando, San Antonio and Tampa. The firm specializes in the construction of healthcare, hospitality, higher education, entertainment, sports and government buildings. Since 1946, the firm has built a reputation as a trusted advisor to clients nationwide by cultivating a high-performing team that values integrity, safety, and innovative thinking. Robins & Morton is consistently ranked as one of the top 100 contractors in the United States, and one of the top 15 in the Southeast.

Branch Builds

Founded in 1963, Branch Builds is recognized as one of the largest construction management firms in Virginia and North Carolina. Their team of employee-owners delivers exceptional results on a diverse array of projects to a broad range of private and public sector clients. Driven by a commitment to foster mutually beneficial relationships with clients and industry partners, Branch Builds operates on principles of shared respect and transparency. They pride themselves on building high performance teams that deliver value and are responsible for decades of steady growth. Branch Builds is the joint venture partner to Robins & Morton in completing the Crystal Springs Tower project.

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What goes into building a 10-story hospital?

  • 741 plumbing fixtures
  • 12,923 electrical fixtures
  • 49,363 linear feet of interior walls
  • 64,147 linear feet of duct
  • 170,827 linear feet of mechanical/plumbing pipe
  • 155,598 square feet of exterior skin
  • 2,822 pieces of structural steel
  • 15,966 cubic yards of concrete
  • 1,655 cubic yards of deep foundations

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