Gloria Cook

Prequalification and Insurance Specialist

Birmingham Corporate Office
Birmingham, Alabama
Years in the Industry: 17

Gloria Cook has never shied away from a challenge. In fact, she embraces them. That’s what led to her joining the ranks of the construction industry 17 years ago.

Gloria was working as a waitress when a Robins & Morton superintendent walked in and asked if anybody was looking for a job.

“I heard them speaking to someone about how they needed someone for a jobsite,” Gloria said. “I thought I’d take a chance on it. So I quickly gave them my resume.”

After an interview, Gloria soon received her first job in the industry: jobsite secretary.

“I really liked the fast pace and the challenges that came with the job,” Gloria explained. “It really kept me on the go and always learning new things. From then on I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I found my passion, and that was using my skills to assist anyone I can on any given day.”

From that first job, Gloria was determined to work her way up. She soon became a field office assistant, then a senior operations assistant.

“In all of the positions I have held, the company has really given me new challenges and allowed me to learn and grow,” she said. “I have worked under some amazing managers who really drove my passion for what I do and solidified my love for what we do as a company.

Never able to quench her desire for taking on a new challenge, Gloria recently moved into a new position: prequalification and insurance specialist. In this role, she collects all sorts of prequalification documents, such as subcontractor financials, and prepares them for review. Since taking on the role at the end of December 2014, she’s implemented a few changes assisting with transparency within departments. “Internal communication and transparency is key to a successful project,” she said. Soon after accepting her new position, she was tasked with the responsibility of rolling out a new electronic prequalification system “PQM Textura.”

“My initial goal was just to learn the insurance procedures because I was tired of not knowing how it all worked,” she said. “Through that process, I gained a real love for it.”

Now known to many as an “insurance guru,” Gloria has created resources through the company’s internal website to help equip others with information about the company’s subcontractor insurance requirements. “It’s meant to be a one stop shop for many of the questions I receive,” she said.  She frequently updates the FAQ’s as trending questions come her way and has included three training videos on the subject. She hopes her strong work ethic and passion for her job encourages others to always go above and beyond in what they do.

“ I really want people to be encouraged that they never have to stay in the position they were hired into. Think outside the box. If they find a different position that is appealing to them, they need to find out more about it and dive in. If they see an area of need, that doesn’t have a designated person/team/title, learn what needs to be learned and start filling that need by sharing with people what they learned.”