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Building Together: Gloria Cook

Risk Management Supervisor

Gloria Cook has never shied away from a challenge. In fact, she embraces them. That’s what led to her joining the ranks of the construction industry 18 years ago.

Gloria was working in the restaurant business and going to school, when one day she heard someone offering a job to her co-worker.

“I heard them speaking to someone about how they needed someone for a jobsite,” Gloria said. “I thought I’d take a chance on it. So I quickly gave them my resume, which I kept on hand for moment such as this.”

After an interview, Gloria soon received her first job in the industry, working at the Marriott at Doral project in Doral, Florida, as a jobsite secretary.

“I really enjoyed the fast pace and the challenges that came with the job,” Gloria explained. “It really kept me on the go and always learning new things. It gave me a better understanding and appreciation for construction. From then, I knew there was much to learn in the industry and I was going to learn as much as I could.”

From that first job, Gloria was determined to excel in every task given. She soon became a field office assistant, moving from project to project with different teams assigned to the Orlando division. Once married and with a child, she decided it was time to find a permanent location. She accepted a position in the Birmingham office as an operations assistant. Soon after, she was promoted to senior operations assistant.

While in that role, the Risk Manager had Gloria train a new employee that would assist with the company’s trade contractor insurance reviews. Throughout those months of training, she found her new passion. Little did she know that she would eventually accept a position that would allow her to grow her expertise in risk and insurance.

“In all of the positions I have held, Robins & Morton has allowed me to learn and grow. I have worked under some amazing managers who really drove my passion for what I do and solidified my love for what we do as a company.”

Never able to quench her desire for taking on a new challenge, Gloria has implemented yearly training of subcontractor insurance and Robins & Morton’s trade contractor qualification process.

“My initial goal was just to learn the insurance procedures because I was tired of not knowing how it all worked, yet was responsible for making sure we were transferring risk correctly,” she said. “Through that process, I gained a real love for it.”

Now known to many as an “insurance guru,” Gloria has created resources through the company’s internal website to help equip others with information about the company’s trade contractor qualification requirements.

“It’s meant to be a one stop shop for many of the questions I receive,” she said.

She frequently updates the FAQs as trending questions come her way and has included three training videos on both subjects. She hopes her strong work ethic and passion for her job encourage others to always go above and beyond in what they do.

“Building relationships with people in the industry and in within our company is the avenue that helps us constantly sharpen our skills,” Cook said. “I urge all women regardless of title to keep pushing forward with class and confidence, no matter the obstacle. It’s a rewarding experience when you get to look back and see how far you’ve come.”

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