Robins & Morton, McMillan Pazdan Smith Achieve Three Green Globes Certification on Wofford College’s Environmental Studies Building

university buildingConstruction firm Robins & Morton and architect McMillan Pazdan Smith received notification that their recently completed project, the Chandler Center for Environmental Studies at Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, received Three Green Globes in the Green Globes Certification program.

Green Globes is a rating assessment and building certification program that helps new construction projects, as well as existing buildings, meet their sustainable design and operational goals. Its rating system recognizes projects on a scale of one to four Globes, based on a percentage of total points. This project achieved 72.1%, achieving three Globes, and by definition, “demonstrating leadership in applying the best practices regarding energy, water, and environmental efficiency.” A few of its highest scoring elements included its project management approach, specifications for green building products, storm drain protection measures, waste-diversion planning, energy efficient design, and the use of low-emission appliances. Further, after completing the Green Globes Water Consumption Calculator, a definitive water reduction of 41% was documented.

Wofford College’s Chandler Center for Environmental Studies is a three-story, 17,535-square-foot facility featuring laboratory, lecture and office spaces. The design goal was to create a building that reflected the ideals behind the subject matter it worked to teach. Several unique features include an exposed ceiling made of sustainably sourced cross-laminated timber; a cistern that captures rainwater from the roof to irrigate the landscape and a greenhouse; dashboards that monitor the building’s energy use; lightwells, glass and glazing to provide a profusion of natural light; and solar panels to supply the building’s energy needs, including HVAC systems, during the day.

Construction on the new building completed at the end of August.