Robins & Morton receives Million Hour Safety Award for North Carolina work

Robins & Morton received the Million Hour Safety Award from the North Carolina Department of Labor and Safety and Health Council of North Carolina at the annual awards program held at the Marriott Hotel in Raleigh, North Carolina, on May 31.

The company earned this recognition through zero injuries or illnesses involving days away from work throughout the state for one million hours. This took eight years to accomplish.

“This award is a benchmark that any organization should be proud to achieve,” Robins & Morton Vice President of Safety Operations, Jeff Palombo, said. “We are proud, not simply for meeting this milestone, but for what this milestone represents – the active involvement and dedication of our entire organization in creating a safety culture where we work to ensure that everyone goes home to their families. This achievement would not be possible without all of our people continually asking what more can we do.”

North Carolina Department of Labor’s Million Hour Safety Awards Program is administered through its Education, Training and Technical Assistance Bureau of the Occupational Safety and Health Division, also known as OSHA.

“Our injury and illness rate, because of your hard work, is 2.3 per 100 full time workers in the last recording period – the lowest it’s ever been in the history of the state. Numbers have been on a downward trend for 18 plus years. It’s because of you and what you do every day, and every minute of every day,” Commissioner of Labor, Cherie Berry, remarked to attendees at the event.