Campus Recruitment

pic-for-campus-recruitingFor the past 40 years, Robins & Morton has successfully recruited the best and brightest students to our Co-Op/Internship Program. Our Co-Op/Internship Program allows students to gain hands-on experience, knowledge, and relationships that will last a lifetime. During the program, students are able to work onsite or in offices with superintendents, project managers, estimators, project engineers, field engineers, and safety personnel. We value talent by investing in learning opportunities and career growth for these students, and many go on to become our full-time employees.

We hire Co-Op and Intern students every semester, with summer being the semester with the largest number of working students. Robins & Morton also offers ones of the best opportunities in the country for new graduates—a place where you can start your career in the field and make an impact not only there, but in all aspects of life. Our program works in addition to the college degree to enhance the possibility for an entry level career.

Robins & Morton actively recruits from universities across the country. In addition to the Co-Op/Intern Program, we are actively searching for qualified candidates to fulfill our entry level needs. Our Field Engineer position offers opportunities nation wide, ranging from multi-million dollar healthcare facilities to commercial renovations. Check with your school’s career services center, cooperative education office, or department advisor to see when Robins & Morton will be visiting your campus, or email us at

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