Corporate Services

pic-forcorporate-optionRobins & Morton offers positions within the corporate offices to support field operations. These departments are responsible for supporting our people to ensure they are able to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. We offer positions in the following departments:
Accounting. Our accounting team is responsible for various financial transactions related to our projects, including payment to our people, subcontractors and owners. Our accountants help with the financial start up and close out of all projects while utilizing payroll software and adhering to applicable policies and procedures.

Information Technology. Our IT team is responsible for supporting the equipment and software requirements of all of our offices and jobsites. They offer support at all levels via web and phone while maintaining inventory of all IT equipment. They work with all employees to provide effective solutions for individual and global IT issues.

Marketing. Our marketing team is responsible for producing proposals, qualifications, awards submittals, and presentation materials. They work to develop business and create corporate branding standards.

Human Resources. Our human resources team is responsible for the life cycle of employment. They work to recruit, hire and retain the most skilled labor force in the business. They also work to provide comprehensive, competitive benefits.

Administration. Our administrative staff works in almost every aspect of support for our operations and field. They are there as a useful tool to make a seamless communication process.