Melissa Owens

Field Office Assistant

Years in the Industry: 12

Melissa Owens is a Field Office Assistant with Robins & Morton’s Healthcare Division.

Melissa wanted to go to college to become an elementary school teacher. But the summer after graduation her boss at a local retail store died suddenly and his family asked her to take over managing the business.

“Everything I learned is self-taught.” What she learned is her love of working with people, keeping things organized and dealing with the details. She moved to Auburn after she married and got a job working as an assistant that exposed her to construction.

The family moved to Texas to work on a jobsite and her role eventually expanded to field office assistant.

“I’ve been on nine different jobsites in about 12 years with three small children.” Each time they move she explains to the children it’s time to help do good in another community by helping to build a hospital.

“They are so proud to say mommy and daddy build hospitals.”