Children's Medical Center of Dallas

Owner: Children's Medical Center

Location: Dallas, Texas

Size: 15,800 sq ft

Architect: Philo Wilke Partnership

Description: The Children’s Medical Center Dallas Radiology & Nuclear Medicine Expansion project was designed to enhance the patient experience during radiological procedures by visually stimulating the patient through wide varieties of colors and unique design features within the suite.  The department utilizes the latest technologies available for patient care. This 19,000-square-foot project integrates two new Nuclear Medicine Camera suites, an Interventional Radiology suite, a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter suite, and an expanded Prep/Recovery area.  The project incorporates a new waiting area for the Radiology patients and upgraded finishes to existing corridors and elevator lobbies, marrying the new suites finishes to the existing vibrant architecture of the Children’s Medical Center. 

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