Fisher Titus Medical Center ED Addition & Renovation

Owner: Fisher Titus Medical Center

Location: Norwalk, Ohio

Size: 29,500 sq ft

Cost: $10,647,186

Architect: Bostwick Design Partnership

Description: Robins & Morton broke ground at what came to be Fisher-Titus Medical Center’s newest expansion, the Emergency Department. In just under a year, punch lists were complete and the final move into the new space was carefully coordinated with hospital staff. The medical professionals were eager to serve the public in this newly constructed space consisting of 29,500 square feet, containing 22 rooms, which include 11 treatment rooms, four trauma rooms, a clinical decision unit and four observation rooms. Other accommodations include a minor treatment area with three treatment rooms and a triage area designed to focus on efficiency. A pneumatic tube station located directly outside the trauma rooms at the dedicated nurses station and within the new blood gas lab allows key diagnostic capabilities. A spacious entry-way leading to the registration and admitting area contains porcelain tiled floors and substantial glass walls giving patients a confident first impression of the hospital. Another feature of the new addition is the unique design of the treatment rooms which surround two large nursing stations that are connected by a passageway containing a physician’s station. This feature allows the physician’s private working space while giving them a visual oversight of the treatment rooms at the same time.

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