Medical Center of Central Georgia- Center for Specialty Medicine

Owner: Medical Center of Central Georgia

Location: Macon, Georgia

Size: 48,057 sq ft

Cost: $20,000,000

Architect: Perkins & Will- Atlanta

Description: The Peyton Anderson Cancer Center was established to provide a central location for outpatient oncology services and add additional services for Georgia residents in the surrounding area. Services include Chemotherapy Services, Clinical Research & Trials, Diagnostics, Genetic Counseling, Gynecologic Oncology, Interventional & Diagnostic Radiology, as well as Medical, Surgical, Radiation and Thoracic Oncology, Life Boutique, Navigation, Art Therapy, Dietics, Message Therapy and Meditation. The building consists of a concrete/steel structure and includes a dedicated 80kw generator for emergency power. The facility also supports various treatment and diagnostic equipment including an X-Ray/Diagnostic Imaging Machine, PET-CT, CT Simulator Gantry, Mammography Machines, as well as a Linear Accelerator, which is housed in a concrete vault consisting of 4-8 foot thick reinforced concrete walls and lid.