Phoebe Putney Meredyth Endoscopy Center

Owner: Phoebe Putney Health Systems

Location: Albany, Georgia

Size: 95,986 sq ft

Cost: $24,391,991

Completion Date: August 2012

Architect: Page Southerland Page

Description: Robins & Morton began construction on the 95,986 sqft, Phoebe Putney Meredyth Digestive Disease Center in May, 2011. The Digestive Disease Center is the second major medical facility at Phoebe Putney’s Meredyth Drive Campus. Level 1 houses the Phoebe Gastroenterology Associates practice including 30 Exam rooms arranged into 8 pods, 10 triage rooms, and 3 clinical trial rooms. Level 2 includes the Phoebe Endoscopy Center. This floor contains 26 Prep/Recovery bays, 8 Procedure Rooms with HD scope technology and high resolution monitors. Level 3 is reserved for future expansion. The project also included a sizeable site infrastructure project which filled in state waterway ditches and built boulevards for expanded campus access. Phoebe Putney also added to the campus’ park-like facilities with construction of a courtyard and lengthened nature trails around the campus. Construction of the $24,391,991 completed facility in August, 2012.

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