Sylacauga Obstetrics and Gynecology

Owner: Sylacauga OBGYN

Location: Sylacauga, Alabama

Size: 9,480 sq ft

Cost: $1,664,055

Completion Date: January 2014

Architect: Birchfield Penuel and Associates, LLC

Description: The Sylacauga Obstetrics and Gynecology Office Renovation is a great success story of taking an abandoned building and giving it new life and purpose. The former funeral home received a lot of attention from the local community when the project began. Because of its original purpose, everyone in the surrounding areas had memories of saying goodbye to loved ones in that building and it was unanimous that no one wanted to see it demolished. The renovation completely revived not only the dilapidated building, but also the community of Sylacauga. Now, the building houses obstetrics and gynecology as well as pulmonary medicine and has become a place of new life and healing. Perhaps the project’s greatest success was the reaction of the community to the finished project. The community was extremely pleased with the results and hopefully will encourage others to repurpose buildings to reignite that same sense of revival in the town. In 2014, this project was awarded first place in the Renovation Under $4 Million category for Excellence in Construction by Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of Alabama.