Treasure Valley Hospital

Location: Boise, Idaho

Architect: Goodwyn Mills & Cawood, Inc.

Description: Built in the bitter cold of an Idaho winter, one of the largest surgery center hospitals of Surgical Care Affiliates (SCA), the Treasure Valley Hospital addition and renovation was a big undertaking that ended as a huge success. Treasure Valley is the largest of four actual “hospitals” of SCA’s nearly 200 surgery centers across the country. Having in-patient beds allow patients who need intensive recovery to stay overnight or several days in the same facility. Treasure Valley offers a unique option for many patients, partly since they are physician-owned and have a lower overhead than a conventional hospital, including better cost with better care. In fact, Treasure Valley is consistently rated # 1 in customer care for all SCA hospitals. This commitment to superior patient care is reflected in the high-end finishes throughout the beautifully renovated building.