Kanvwotiyi Residential Treatment Center

When the Tribal Council of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians (EBCI) appointed the Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority (CIHA) to develop a comprehensive system of care, including a recovery community, for Cherokee people struggling with addiction and other challenges, CIHA turned to long-time partner, Robins & Morton, to manage the construction of the project.

Due to the remote location of the facility, Robins & Morton’s project team was tasked with first, constructing a two-mile road up a treacherous mountain, then acquiring temporary utilities before construction on the new center could begin. They also battled unreliable internet connection and cell service, which posed a great challenge for coordinating timely deliveries up the narrow, mountainous road. Robins & Morton took on each challenge with clear communication and creative problem solving to deliver a facility for healing and recovery to the Cherokee People.

Now complete, the Kanvwotiyi Residential Treatment Center is comprised of an 11,603-square-foot main lodge and two 10-bed residential cabins, which are each 4,338 square feet. This facility serves all members of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians, including the Native American residents of the Snowbird community.


Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority


Robbinsville, North Carolina


Novus Architects


20,279 square feet

Project Expertise

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