Auburn University District Energy Plant

Owner: Auburn University

Location: Auburn, Alabama

Size: 150,000 sq ft

Architect: Carter & Burgess, Inc.

Description: The Auburn University District Energy Plant project was crucial to the expansion of the campus. This project added to a heating and chilled water system that had reached its maximum capacity with all the new additions to the campus. The project consisted of a two-story plant building that is approximately 37,000 square feet and a 7,300-square-foot cooling tower building. The plant building had 10,650 square feet dedicated to the chilled water plant, 7,680 square feet to the hot water plant, 6,870 square feet to office space, 7,500 square feet to storage space, and 4,300 square feet to service mezzanine. This new addition houses five 80 horsepower boilers and two 1500 ton chillers. Provisions were made for the future addition of one boiler and two more chillers to accommodate a growing campus. The new energy plant is configured so that it is the center of the current system and has the capability to monitor and make control demands to the existing plants.

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