Auburn University - Jordan Hare Stadium

Owner: Auburn University

Location: Auburn, Alabama

Size: 150,000 sq ft

Architect: Trahan Architects

Description: The expansion and renovation of Auburn University’s Jordan-Hare Stadium included two phases. Phase I consisted of expanding the east side of the stadium, which included the addition of one bay on both the north and south ends. The upper deck and club level seating was expanded, two levels of high-end-finish suites were added, existing elevators were modernized and an additional elevator was added. This expansion provided additional seating for approximately 2000 people. In addition to adding seating capacity, the existing suites were demolished and the area was completely renovated. Phase II of the Jordan-Hare Stadium project included concourse renovations that improved the restroom and concessions area. This phase also consisted of new ornamental gates being added at the stadium entrances. Additionally, a brick ticket will call booth with Auburn logo gates replaced the old booth on the West Plaza.

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