Cherokee Indian Hospital

Owner: Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority

Location: Cherokee, North Carolina

Size: 149,000 sq ft

Architect: Design Strategies

Description: The new Cherokee Indian Hospital, built as a replacement hospital for the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians, was an exceptional success in Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and Lean design and construction. As encapsulated in the hospital’s motto, “it belongs to you,” the new facility serves all healthcare needs of the tribe, including a primary clinic, eye clinic, dental clinic, emergency department, procedure suite, pharmacy, inpatient care and rehabilitation services. This new facility allows the Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority to transcend the legacy of the previous government-provided facility, providing world-class healthcare services to the EBCI. Thanks to complete IPD commitment from the entire team, the project was completed a full 92 days ahead of schedule, with $7 million of value-added features fed back into the overall $80 million project budget. The project team included nearly 30 contractor and vendor companies owned by members of the tribe, certified by the Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO). Work subcontracted to TERO and local companies exceeded the team’s initial goal by $10 million. The spirit of community focus was integral to the team’s mentality from the start. Robins & Morton was honored to be a part of this wonderful community, and the team regularly looked for ways to give back, participating in more than 30 individual philanthropic community events annually during the project’s duration. IPD Team: Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority, Robins & Morton, Design Strategies, CBRE Healthcare