Cherokee Indian Hospital

The Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians (EBCI) in Cherokee, North Carolina, enlisted the expertise of Robins & Morton when they decided to replace their current hospital. The owners – the Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority (CIHA) – wanted the physical structure to offer world-class healthcare and embody the Cherokee culture. This project was much more than building a facility according to drawings, it required a vast and comprehensive understanding of the Cherokee past.

The most important parts of the project had less to do with soil densities or concrete mixes, but rather establishing relationships, building trust, and eliciting tribal member’s input. Robins & Morton decided to utilize strategic partnerships by fully embracing Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), where the entire project team shared equally in the project’s risk and success.

Upon completing the project 92 days ahead of schedule with $7 million in value-added features, Cherokee Indian Hospital now reflects the area’s natural beauty and eliminates the traditional signals of stress that often exist in healthcare systems. Elements of Cherokee culture are incorporated throughout the facility and further exemplified Robins & Morton’s dedication to collaborating with the client.


Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority


Cherokee, North Carolina


Design Strategies


149,000 SF

Exterior view of Cherokee Hospital
Cherokee Hospital
Inside a patient room at Cherokee Hospital
Patient room at Cherokee Hospital
Waiting area at Cherokee Hospital
Eye clinic inside Cherokee Hospital
Cherokee Hospital

Your communication, management approach and quality control exceeded our expectations and were the key to success of this project. You helped the Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority bring this project to a close within the budget and schedule.

Casey Cooper,  Chief Executive Officer Cherokee Indian Hospital

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