The John A. Hand Building

Owner: Warrior Capital Corporation

Location: Birmingham, Alabama

Size: 8,831 sq ft

Cost: $3,242,024

Completion Date: July 2000

Architect: Gresham Smith and Partners

Description: Robins & Morton completed a series of renovations and build-outs to the John A. Hand Building in Birmingham, Alabama for Warrior Capital Corporation. Robert M. Black Architects, Inc. created the design for the project. The first part of the building renovations included a 5,450 square-foot tenant build-out followed by an 8,831 sq. ft. renovation and build-out to the building’s athletic club. Another project was a $20 million, 105,000 sq. ft. historical renovation and the addition of a 96,071 sq. ft. parking deck. This aspect of construction, completed in August 2000, won first place in ABC Alabama’s Excellence in Construction Awards and received commendation at the national level as well. Robins & Morton also completed an additional 5,096 sq. ft. tenant build-out in August 2000.

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