A founding principle of Robins & Morton’s culture is to respect the rights and property of others; this includes protecting and regenerating our environment. To manage this responsibility, in 2009, our company organized a group of twelve employees, from diverse departments and with assorted opinions and goals, to create a sustainability-focused leadership group; our Sustainability Council. Over the years, the council has grown our company’s knowledge of sustainability and green achievements through implementation of influential initiatives and continually improved efficiency of our operational procedures.

An early achievement was the development of our Environment, Community, Opportunity (ECO) Initiative. This initiative commits our company toprotecting the environment, reinforcing our company culture by regenerating our communities, and creating more opportunities for our clients and associates to educate about sustainability. This initiative is now integrated into our company culture and business decisions.

To ensure our company is not only building green but also operating efficiently, Robins & Morton has developed our Sustainable Operations Policy. The policy requires our employees to commit to a series of sustainable activities that minimize energy and water consumption, improve indoor air quality and outdoor environment, encourage human health, and utilize responsible products and materials. This policy, and the commitment of our employees, resulted in Robins & Morton being named a Certified Green Contractor by ABC; an award that very few contractors can achieve for all of their offices. Some of our policy requirements include establishing recycling programs at all offices (diverting glass, cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum, batteries, toner cartridges from landfills), using company intranet for electronic documentation and file sharing, increasing use of telecommunication to limit travel and transportation impacts, replacing outdated bulbs with LED lamps to save energy, effectively using resources (repurposing and reuse before purchase), sustainably sourcing product and equipment (Energy Star equipment, products with recycled content, non-toxic materials, and encouraging use of green cleaning products), holding yearly Earth Day Competitions to reinforce employee understanding, and providing and participating in our exceptional employee wellness and benefits program. Though their actions, every employee at Robins & Morton has made a commitment to protect the environment, our communities, and future generations.

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To better understand how sustainable construction is viewed by members of the Architect, Engineer, Contractor, and Owner (AECO) community, Robins & Morton commissioned a survey. View the results: 2011 Sustainability Study