North Central Baptist Hospital

Located in San Antonio, Texas, North Central Baptist Hospital set out to establish a separate identity for their orthopedic hospital services, while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic with the main campus. In order to do so, the hospital called for a three-story patient tower addition and the renovation of the existing facility. Through commitment to Lean initiatives and teamwork, Robins & Morton overcame obstacles and delays to successfully complete the project on time and within budget.

The expansion and renovation project relied on the utilization of Lean tools and philosophies and an unprecedented collaborative environment with the owner, architect, and entire project team. These factors played a key role in overcoming challenges, such as the five feet of rainfall before the roof was only 10 percent complete, unforeseen underground obstacles and the demands of maintaining safe operations in an active healthcare facility.

Upon successful completion of the project, North Central Baptist Hospital opened a three-story orthopedic hospital that houses 30 medical/surgical patient rooms, six operating rooms, 15 post-anesthesia care unit beds, 18 staging rooms, high-end finish lobbies on both the ground level and first floor, four new traction elevators, and the shells for two additional traction elevators for future expansion. The renovation of the existing facility gave way to a first-floor management suite, two new elevators with the sterile processing department, and two renovated operating rooms. Despite a host of obstacles, Robins & Morton celebrated the on-time grand opening of the facility, which was another testament to its ongoing commitment and expertise to the built environment.


Tenet Healthcare


San Antonio, Texas




88,614 SF

Exterior of North Central Baptist Orthopedic Hospital
North Central Baptist Orthopedic Hospital Lobby
Nurse station at North Central Baptist Orthopedic Hospital
North Central Baptist Orthopedic Hospital ground floor lobby
Patient room at North Central Baptist Orthopedic Hospital
Operating room at North Central Baptist Orthopedic Hospital
Exterior of North Central Baptist Orthopedic Hospital

The Robins & Morton team quickly established themselves as knowledgeable planners and good communicators. The organization was prepared for meetings, anticipated possible questions, and brought possible solutions to the table.

Robins & Morton conducted meetings with a respect for the time of the hospital’s staff and other involved parties. They have extensive knowledge of healthcare construction, provide excellent analytical skills, and offer valid solutions.

As a result of Robins & Morton leadership and their passion for ensuring that value is built into their projects, they demonstrate the true meaning of partnership between contractor and owner.

Michael King,  Facilities Engineering Director North Central Baptist Hospital

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