Fort Sam Houston - Building 4149 Bay 'C' Repair, Brooke Army Medical Center

Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers

Location: Houston, Texas

Size: 15,000 sq ft

Cost: $52,000

Completion Date: December 2011

Description: Building 4194 is located on the main post at Ft. Sam Houston. The facility functions as a warehouse with seven bays. Previously, the Administrative Records section from the hospital was temporarily re-located to Bay ‘C’ of Building 4194. Bay ‘C’ was outfitted in order to accommodate this administrative transition in the short term, but now the records section will be housed in this location permanently. The ceiling had to be raised and the entire HVAC system had to be cleaned and upgraded. All new finishes were included and electrical and data systems were upgraded as needed. Other architectural upgrades were implemented as necessary.

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