Fort Bragg - Womack Army Medical Center Renovations

Location: Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Size: 80,000 sq ft

Architect: HKS

Description: Womack Army Medical Center Renovations include restoration and modernization to portions of the existing hospital. Combined new construction and renovation reconfigures space and consolidates functions to improve the Emergency Services, Postpartum/Antepartum Nursing Unit, OB/GYN, Outpatient Pharmacy, Family Medicine Residency, Pediatrics, and administrative and support spaces. Construction activities require complex phasing of work, major renovation of an active hospital, complete renovation of an emergency department of 23,000 square feet, construction of a temporary modular emergency department space outside the hospital, and other department renovations. Implementation and strict compliance with Interim Life Safety Measures, Infection Control Risk Mitigation Measures, and HIPPA requirements are also a critical component of construction.

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