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Construction: A New Frontier for Tech-Savvy Innovators

Think construction work, and the physical steps of building may come to mind: pouring concrete, bolting steel, installing systems, and hanging drywall. But beyond the cranes, lifts, ladders and tools, a technological revolution is taking place. While one person may be operating a front-end loader, another is flying a drone. While crews are setting up […]

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Rethinking Hospital Central Energy Plant Investment: 5 Questions with Kyle Davis

Invisible to patients, staff, and visitors, the Central Energy Plant (CEP) is the beating heart of a hospital campus. With its 24/7/365 distribution of heating, cooling, and power redundancy, a well-operated CEP underpins the treatment of each patient and the success of every caregiver. Despite its critical nature, reinvesting in CEP infrastructure often slips down […]

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Future of Construction Project Delivery Will Require Early Intervention, Amplified by Localized Presence

By Eric Groat, Robins & Morton San Antonio Office Leader and Operations Manager Construction, like any other industry, experiences transformational periods, often brought about by technology, innovative processes or changes in conventional thinking. After observing the manufacturing industry’s success with Lean practice implementation, one such period has emerged as construction leaders are adapting those philosophies […]

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Building Huntsville. Building America. Building a New Generation of Women in Construction.

“A small town, mostly farm land.” That’s how Senior VDC Coordinator, Hannah Harrison, and Senior Project Manager, Rallisa Jones, characterized most of Huntsville, Alabama, and its surrounding area as they grew up in the state. But this version of the city is starkly different from the Huntsville that Field Engineer Julia Gaston knows today — […]

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5 Ways VR and AR Will Change the Way We Build in the New Decade

At the end of 2019, virtual reality (VR) tech giant, Oculus, released its latest feature: hand tracking. In small Beta batches across test applications, users began experiencing this new wave of VR immersion as their hands and fingers replaced traditional remotes. The initial reviews echoed similar sentiment – a feature with fantastic promise as users […]

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Using QR Codes to Streamline Specifications at Halifax Health Deltona

It’s common for changes to occur on plans and drawings for any construction team, which can make keeping up with finished schedule, layout, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) coordination a challenge. At the Halifax Health Deltona project in Deltona, Florida, the construction team has incorporated an easy tech fix to help everyone from the […]

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