The Medical Center - Columbus, GA

Owner: The Medical Center

Location: Columbus, Georgia

Size: 5,677 sq ft

Cost: $1,300,000

Completion Date: May 2013

Architect: Kahler Slater

Description: The $1.3 million project that was completed in May 2013 received a significant donation from Paul II and Courtney Amos. The couple donated $1.5 million to the Pediatric Emergency Department in honor of Columbus pediatrician Dr. Kathryn Cheek, who, for decades, provided care and advocated for children in the area and statewide. The new Emergency department houses a medical screening exam room, 7 treatment rooms, and new specialized equipment. The equipment includes a Transilluminator to help find smaller and hard-to-find veins, Emergency equipment tailored for children to help accommodate small, pediatric airways, and a low-dose CT machine approved for pediatric use. Everyone who works in the Pediatric Emergency Department has been specially trained in the care and treatment of children. This Emergency Department is the first to be devoted specifically to children in the region.